Angel of Death (EP)

by National Threat

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released December 30, 2013

Recorded April - October 2013.

Guitar/Vocals: Cameron Smith
Bass: Seth Thibeault
Drums/Backing Vocals: Eric Fisher

Physical copies: only 40 made (OUT OF PRINT)



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National Threat Detroit, Michigan

We're National Threat, A Hardcore Punk band from Detroit Michigan.

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Track Name: Shanked In the Hallway
Teachers don't care, If they're bullying a queer
Nazi Fucks running round, Run for the hills
Teachers don't care if you're OD'ing (overdosing) on pills
They just stare, They don't even care

School System is a mess, (they) Don't help the rest
Popularity is where you're ranked, Getting shanked in the hallway

Will you be scared, If nobody cared, See your shattered face in the mirror
The struggle won't stop, Teachers are nazi cops.
Track Name: Don't Blame the Victim
Don't be in denial, Don't be ashamed, If you've been raped
It's not your fault, it's not cause how you dressed, It's not what you've done
The victimizer is at fault

Kill a rapist for what they've done, No means no don't try to persuade
Watch your back cause I will attack, I will blow up like a grenade.

She's not a whore stop slut shamming
The victim is not who you should be blaming
Blame the man who didn't get consent
Because respect is what he lacks
Track Name: Edge Till 21
It's so great to be edge, That's what mommy said
Posi jump, not gonna do that junk

You can't live your life to be cool
You label edge for your scene
Cause you're a sad pop punk teen
You're under 21, You like safe clean fun
But I think you're really fucking dumb

(Whoas) Edge till 21, Stop acting cool you are fucking dumb
Don't think Because your mommy won't let you think
Edge till 21

You got a triple X tat, What the fucks with that
You watch your act cause your mommy taught you that
Keep clean so your mom will buy you merch
Cause you really need your 20th pop punk tee

Edge till 21 (a bunch of times)
You know when you turn 21 you will be the bar looking for fun
Look like a joke with your triple x tattoo drinking a jack and coke
Just stop, stop (A bunch more times)

I'm not saying you have to do drugs , It's your own life just have fun
But if you're 21 and label yourself edge
I will probably wanna kick you off a ledge.
Track Name: Fucked Up Denial
I thought she was the one, But I was wrong
She sent me titty pics, and one in her thong
She never cared, I was never aware
She only wants me when shes in despair

I'm sober, she never wants me over, Shes a toker, a midnight smoker

She talks to other guys, Maybe they like guys otherwise
She says they're just friends but on which day it depends
Struggle never ends, I wish i was dead

(Chorus again but with added to end)
Why did she leave me, All she left me with
Are they cuts on my wrist
Track Name: Angel of Death
These days seem to end too soon, Everything in life blooms and dies
Why should I even try?
Things haven't been the same since you destroyed my mind

Angel of death, Please come my way
Why can't you see I want this pain taken away
Take my body away, I just wanna fade away

Time slots fall into the past, People forgotten never thought of again
I will be just a faint memory
Of what I could of been

I saw the devil tonight, Image burned into my mind
But i looked away the image was faded